Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Future

I'm scared for the future. "Tomorrow's Leaders" aren't learning any morals today. How are we supposed to lead, when we don't even know how to deal fairly with others? Today in geography, I looked around at my classmates. It struck how completely... Simple everyone is. So shallow. So petty. These are tomorrow's leaders? I sure hope not.

After criticizing everyone else, I looked at myself. I used to think of myself as a pretty good person. I used to think I was smart and good enough to actually do something with my life. Recently, I feel like something in me is gone. I have no desire to excel, no urge to try. And why should I? This world is already screwed up enough. What could I possibly do to help?

At the same time, as I see those starving African children, I realize that maybe I actually could do something. Maybe, if I try hard enough, I'll have some sort of influence on the world. But trying... It's hard.